Academy Director: Renae A. Lee

CTE / Academy Facilitator:

Alyssa Shields

2017-18 Action Plan: Healthcare Academy

Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's Name
Course(s) Taught
Period Taught
Renae Lee
Medical SkillsHealth Science A & PHealth Science FoundationsAllied HealthExecutive Internship
Kezia Roberts
9th grade English
Stephanie Hooper
9th grade Pre- AICE English
Carolyn Dakis
10th grade English
Michelle Swint
10th grade Honors English
Katie Wilson
11th grade English
Katie Wilson
11th grade Honors English
Tracie Carroll
12th grade Honors English

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects
First Semester Health Fair/Health Expo

9th - 31 Students completed
10th- 30 Students completed
11th- 20 Students completed
12th - 10 Students completed

stomach 2.JPG
Academy student, Aryanna, explaining the body organ she chose to contribute to "Frank".

mouth frank 2.jpg
Freshman group of students, worked very hard to replicate the oral cavity and potential diseases that "Frank" could have if he does not make right choices.

EBP Essays All Grade Levels during the 2nd semester:9th - 31 Students completed
10th- 30 Students completed
11th- 20 Students completed
12th - 10 Students completed

Curriculum In Action:
Annual Health Expo and Health Fair Week

health Expo pics .JPG
Deltona Fire Department demonstrating to PRHS general population training as a Fire Fighter/First Responder
Health Expo pics 2.JPG
Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, our biggest supporters, sharing information during the Health Expo.

Health Expo 4.JPG
Junior, Jordan, sharing what the HCA has offer during the Health Expo.
Medical Term Challenge Judges.JPG
Panel of Judges for Medical Terminology Challenge Students were given a word and the student had to give correct definition of the word.

Curriculum In Action:
Mock Crash
Standard 2: Cohort Schedule

Standard 3: Program of Study / 4 Yr Plan
Standard 4: Advisory Committee
PRHS Advisory Committee
Chairperson: Ruben Colon RT, FHFM
Co-Chair: Thomas Lavery RN,FHFM
R.T. Myers, Principal
Healthcare Academy Director, Renae A. Lee
Alyssa Shields, Facilitator
Student Ambassador: Kelsie Wilkinson and Jessica Nieves

Debbie Fisher, RN, BSN, MSN, VCSB Health Services Coordinator
Dr. Margaret Smith, Halifax Health
Mary Alford, RN, FHFMDirector of Nursing
Vice Mayor Chris Nabicht, City of Deltona
Jerry Mayes, City of Deltona Economic Developer
Lisa Johnson, LPN , VCSB ESE Teacher
Dr. Roger Accardi, Accardi Pharmacy
Leslie Mompoint, Majestic Oaks Administrator, John Knox Village
Dr, Ashley Jennings, Bethune Cookman University
Breanna Jordan, RN, MSN, VCSB Supervisor
Lyn Parker, PRHS Staff
Melanie Giordano, RN PRHS HCA Parent

Advisory Team members at March 1st meeting.

Standard 5: Enrollment

Standard 6: Professional Collaboration

Standard 7: Recruitment

Academy Expo.JPG
Academy Ambassador Kelsie and Senior Lindsay sharing the benefits of joining PRHS HCA during Academy Expo
panther day 3.JPG
Junior, Lisette, sharing with Heritage Middle School students about HOSA and the benefits of being a member during Panther Day at PRHS.

Standard 8: Career Focus / Workbased Learning

fire fighter 3.JPG
Seniors working with Deltona Fire Department during weekly Fire Fighter Fridays.

kids with Respiratory Therapist .JPG
Students exploring respiratory equipment with guest speaker
Respiratory Therapist.JPG
Halifax Respiratory Therapist

Standard 9: Marketing

Fire House logo.JPG
Class of 2017 helped to design a logo that has been placed on Fire Station 61 Engine.
Academy scrubs group.JPG
10th grade students posing in their new HCA Scrubs.

alumni RN.JPG
Class of 2014- PRHS HCA first Registerd NursesAlumni
Community Walk Through.JPG
Community Walk Through with Area Superintendents, CEO of Florida Hospital and many other community partners.